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is a pipeline designed for natural gas transmission from production areas to consumption points. It is the main means of long-distance gas transmission. A gas trunkline is one of the main elements of the gas transmission system and the main component of the Russian Unified Gas Supply System (UGSS).

It is constructed of 720 to 1,420 millimeters steel pipes designed for 5.4 to 7.5 MPa operational pressures with the throughput of up to 3035 billion cubic meters per annum. The gas trunkline laying can be: underground (0.8 to 0.1 meter depth to the upper pipe surface); overhead on supports, onshore in rock-fill dams. Submerged gas trunklines are constructed for gas transmission from offshore gas fields to the coast.

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The condition of gas pipelines is continuously monitored. High-technology pigs crawling through pipelines in hard-to-reach areas help people do it.

How is gas stored and what are UGS facilities

Any product has to be stored. Gas is not an exception. The underground gas storage industry is almost 100 years old.

After gas has been extracted from the land or sea subsurface, it needs to be delivered to consumers. The length of gas pipelines and gas distribution networks multiply exceeds the circumference of the Earth.

What is compressed (pressurized) natural gas

Gas is compressed in order to reduce its volume. But CNG as fuel is much more eco-friendly than oil. And it is supposed to gradually replace oil in Russia.