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American company Cummins, engaged in the development of engines for trucks, showed a prototype of an electric tractor called AEOS. The truck from Cummins drives electric motors powered by a 140 kWh battery pack that took the place of a 12-liter engine. On the weight of the tractor this did not affect, since the battery pack weighs as much as the remote engine, transmission and fuel tank combined. The reserve power of the model is 160 km.

Daimler has started testing unmanned trucks

Daimler began testing semi-autonomous trucks on the Nevada and Oregon highways to determine the safety of the autonomous control system when driving in the caravan mode. Using the technology of autonomous driving allows trucks to move with a much smaller interval. According to the company, this allows a 10% reduction in fuel consumption, by reducing the resistance to air flow generated by the truck ahead, and therefore, to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Chinese company Geely buys a 8.2% stake in the Swedish concern AB Volvo, better known as the Volvo Group, worth 3.3 billion euros. As noted by the seller – investment company Cevian Capital – the initiator of the transaction is Geely, which made a request for the acquisition of assets of AB Volvo. The company already owns the brands Volvo, Proton and Lotus, and now will own AB Volvo, which separated from Volvo Cars in 1999.

The electric truck tractor Thor ET-One is planned to be put into production until 2019. The American start-up Thor Trucks introduced the ET-One cargo electric vehicle. A truck tractor is going to be put into production and brought to the market by 2019. Electric truck Thor ET-One will compete with Tesla Semi. He has a very unusual design with a huge grille and a large angle of the windshield.

Just finished the presentation at the Tesla plant in the Californian town of Hawthorne, where the founder and head of the company announced the next significant car, which opens a new chapter in the history of the well-known manufacturer of electric vehicles. At the same time, Tesla quite unexpectedly presented a completely new electric sports car Roadster

Large JCB excavators will be equipped with Rolls-Royce engines

JCB announced the introduction of major changes in the configuration of its three largest models of crawler excavators – JS300, JS330 and JS370. Now they are planning to equip the Isuzu engines with 6-cylinder Rolls-Royce MTU 6R 1000 engines from 180 to 210 kW (241 hp – 348 hp). The first excavator JCB model JS370 will be presented at the exhibition ConExpo-2017 next month. This step marks an increasingly closer cooperation between the two companies – JCB and Rolls-Royce.

Nikola One: the first electric truck for hydrogen is presented in the USA

A few months after the announcement of his electric truck, the American company Nikola Motor finally presented the first prototype Nikola One at a presentation at its headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Diesel loaders – the optimal solution for an open warehouse with a large turnover of goods The market of modern loading equipment is diverse, and even specialists who have long worked in the field of using warehouse equipment are not always aware of all existing or emerging technical innovations.

The key difference between a gasoline engine and a diesel engine is the way it ignites the fuel. In the case of gasoline, its mixture with air is ignited by an electric ignition system. In the diesel engine, the fuel spontaneously ignites due to a strong compression of the air mixture. To date, the leaders in the production of high-quality and reliable gasoline engines for forklifts are companies Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi.

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