trunk line

Also found in:ThesaurusEncyclopediaWikipedia.A direct line between two telephone switchboards.The main line of a communications or transportation system.(Telecommunications) a direct link between two telephone exchanges or switchboards that are a considerable distance apart(Railways) the main route or routes on a railway

a major long-distance transportation line.

– line that is the main route on a railway

rail linerailway lineline- the road consisting of railroad track and roadbed

– a telephone line connecting two exchanges directly

phone linesubscriber linetelephone circuittelephone lineline- a telephone connection

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His train runs from Cleveland to where it connects with a great

railroad with terminals in Chicago and New York.

A paper of the first class, such as The New York World, has now an outfit of twenty

The project will also include final design of multiple detention ponds throughout the drainage basin, a storm sewer

along West 29th Street and numerous lateral storm sewer lines and inlets originating from the West 29th Street

Railroad Detention Basins and 29th Street Stormsewer Improvements

The Kyrgyz government instructed the government agencies and local government bodies to provide all possible assistance in construction of the Bishkek-Osh-Batken fiber optic

Kyrgyz government tasks government agencies to provide all possible assistance in installation of Bishkek-Osh-Batken fiber optic line

consists of a 50-mile pipeline extending from Midland, to northwest Reagan County and connecting to PAAs existing Spraberry Pipeline that runs to southeast Reagan County.

Plains all American nears completion of Permian basin projects

Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Iranian gas officials announced that Irans sixth gas

(IGAT-6) which is due to transfer Irans gas to Europe has been completed by nearly a half.

Iran-Europe Gas Pipeline Nearly Halfway Through

that broke was installed in 1914 and had been scheduled for replacement in the near future under a $1.

Coldwater Canyon could be reopened by this weekend RUPTURE: Officials say corrosion caused water main break in Studio City

We received a call asking if we could inspect the Coxwell

as they believed there was some kind of anomaly in the line from a previous incomplete inspection, said Earl Brousseau, senior project manager/owner.

New robotic inspection technology helps ID potentially critical situation

WEST BOYLSTON – Selectmen have reluctantly agreed to a request by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation to participate in meetings concerning the Rutland-Holden sewer

Town to participate in sewer line focus group

Through further tests, KEPCO aims to make these technologies feasible for commercial use in

communications between large cities.

KEPCO Develops 80Gbps/wave Optical Communications Technology

Horizontal lines, a high belt line and a higher

take you around the car with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Lords A-leapin: for the sporty and debonair, Jaguar unveils its new XJR

This article concludes that removing paper barriers will likely benefit shippers because the savings generated from

competition will likely be passed on to shippers and because the potential distortions generated from strategic behavior and bilateral monopoly will be eliminated.

A tale of two monopolies: why removing paper barriers is a good idea

Trunk Integrated Record Keeping System

Trunk Intermediate Distribution Frame

Trunk Line Central Passenger Committee

Trunk Releases Urgently Needed Coalition

Trunk Road Biodiversity Action Plan

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