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Most truck drivers find driver job online. With the innovation in the trucking industry, the method to find the right job has also changed. The trucking industry is one of the most flourished industries of Europe. In the last 3 decades, the trucking industry has generated maximum revenue for the entire European economy. The trucking industry is alone helping the European economy to mitigate the problems they have to face in the international community. This constant growth in the industry has set new trends.

Being a huge industry, the trucking industry of Europe caters many individuals, families, groups, communities, corporations, and enterprises. The trucking industry connects millions of people. Several million people are getting benefits from the tireless efforts of the people and resources connected to the trucking industry of Europe.

Truck drivers play one of the most important parts among people who are connected to the European trucking industry. Everything that has been achieved in the last few years by the industry is because of these drivers and their tireless efforts. Truck drivers are responsible for driving trucks in order to transport goods. These drivers make an important contribution to the everyday success of the industry and are truly the backbone of the industry. However, when it comes to getting a good job, drivers have to face many difficult situations.

Truck drivers have to face a lot of difficult situations to find a job. Because of the increased competition and technology, its getting harder for the drivers to get a good job without links. Many truck drivers face a lot of problems while searching a good job. Most of these drivers cant even find an attractive job and endless working extra to earn enough.

There are many online job portals for truck drivers, but unfortunately, none of them is able to cater the needs of the users and to keep a track of the applicants and companies. Finding a driver job online is a difficult task. You have to suffer a lot to find a good driver job online. And thats why we are here.

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Even in the digital age of today, there is not a single platform for truck drivers where they can buy everything they need for their job. You have to surf a lot of different websites and e-commerce platforms to find the required item. It becomes difficult to surf different sites and find the required thing.

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On August 27th, Tipperary
hosted yet another truck show. The 2017 Tipperary truck show featured some outstanding trucks. Tipperary is the sixth largest Irish county. The county is a landlocked county. Most transportation happens by road. A Tipperary truck community organizes truck show every year to depict their love with their trucks. Different people bring their trucks to the show. The show features Tipperary trucks of all types and sizes from all across the county and even neighboring areas.

The last edition of Tipperary truck show was held on 27thAugust 2017. Just like any other year, this also was a great show. Different trucks featured in the show. The show consisted all categories of trucks from light SUVs to semi trucks, trailers, and heavy duty class 8 trucks. Different European companies also featured their trucks. Companies like Scania, Iveco, and Mercedes etc. had their separate stalls to feature their trucks and possibly launch a new model.

2017 Tipperary truck show was the 4thtruck show. Tipperary truck show has grown immensely since its start in 2013. Today, the show is not only a show. It has grown into a community looking forward to increasing the standards of Irish trucking industry. A managing committee manages the show. The committee also looks forward to every possible improvement in the Irish trucking industry.

Just like last year, the Tipperary truck show committee will look forward to hosting a grand truck show in 2018 as well. Though it is too early to say, however, with the progress of the community, they will host the next years truck show. So if you are excited about the show and want to depict your love for your truck, get yourself involved in the latest news regarding the show. Dont miss your time and register as soon as the registrations will open.

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The trucking industry is rapidly advancing. Companies are expanding their fleet because of the increased need and competition. Industrialization is growing. The trucking industry is also flourishing with the increasing industrialization.

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In the end of last year, Volvo launched their Iron Knight semi truck. Whats important about Iron Knight is that it is the fastest truck in the entire world. Worlds fastest semi truck is insanely powerful and quick.

When it comes about Semi trucks, speed is not the first thing that comes to peoples minds. People dont expect Semi trucks to move at rapid speed. Volvo however, had other things in mind for sure when they decided to break all the barricades.

Volvo pulled out many different stunts in the past as well. There are many titles that Volvo already holds. With the launch of the Worlds fastest semi truck in the last year; Volvo trucks claimed two awards for the fastest truck in the entire world. The Iron Knight is a 2400 HP beast. Giving Goosebumps to any sane person, The Iron Knight produces an insane torque of 4,425 pounds.

Volvo has a long history of breaking speed records. Their inventive groups and architects tend to recognize what to do and who to utilize for such undertakings. Volvo broke their own record to achieve this milestone. Moreover, this worlds fastest semi truck has beaten the previously acclaimed worlds fastest semi truck Mean Green Hybrid.

Volvo utilized the extraordinary driving skills of Boije Ovebrink, their go-to driver for these record-breaking runs. Boije likewise happens to have his own particular 3-decade profession in motorsports. Boije Ovebrink set out two complete runs for both the 500-and 1,000-meter runs.

What happened was that in the wake of finishing one run, Ovebrink turned around and took another run in the same hour. This most recent run by Ovebrink through Volvo run beats his past speed record, which he set in Volvo Trucks Mean Green Hybrid in 2012. Contrary to the Mean Green Hybrid, The Iron Knight has 600 more HP and is about 2,205 pounds lighter. The other time Volvo has put resources into building speed record-breaking trucks was with the 1,600-hp Wild Viking.

On its 500 meters test run at a test track in Northern Sweden, The Iron Knight figured out how to achieve a best normal speed of 131.29 km/h in only 13.71 seconds. In the meantime in the 1000 meter standing begin, it bested out at a normal of 169 km/h in a period of 21.29 seconds.

Steering the 4.5-ton behemoth was Boije Ovebrink, the 1994 European Truck Racing Champion and is the holder of five past speed records. Its not easy to drive a Semi truck some feet above the ground level at an average speed of 150 Mp/h. The newest record is a milestone for the driver as well. Volvo knows what to do and how. While Volvo wasnt pursuing a top speed record, The Iron Knight, however, still reached the best speed of 276 km/h all through its exhausting testing.

Iron Knight is one furious beast. Volvo has manufactured the truck from advanced technology and innovation. Every product is made just for this particular truck. additionally, Every part that assembles the truck is unique and made under highly sophisticated and careful environment. The only two things that arent completely redesigned are the engine and the double grip transmission. Volvo uses the same transmission unit in every truck. Volvo Iron Knight is furious, insanely fast and powerful. Now that would make us think twice before overtaking any Volvo truck on the road. Volvo fans are extremely overwhelmed by this milestone. The Worlds fastest semi truck is available for sale.

Freightliner launched its latest Cascadia truck by the end of 2016. Before that, the company was almost out of the race and didnt launch a single truck for a long time. However, Since Freightliner has launched the new Cascadia; their focus is to flesh out choices for the truck. The choices include mid-rooftop cab designs for local overnight haulers and fragments. For example, mass pull and flatbeds as declared at the NACV Show.

Cascadias latest design includes a 48-, 60-and 72-inch mid-rooftop XT sleeper cab in both 116-and 126-inch BBC stages. All of the three designs offer two levels of streamlined bundles, the Aero or AeroX, Freightliners most fuel-effective determination. According to the company, all of the designs will be available in the market by as soon as January 2018. The trucks will be accessible in the 72-inch mid-rooftop XT setup highlighting a two-situate dinette/work tabl
e and contradicting seating. The company has additionally installed seats able to be collapsed level to permit a full Murphy-style bed to swing down in under 15 seconds.

Freightliner is supporting the latest cab design by other prominent upgrades, which incorporate all LED-lit inside and outside lights. Additionally, the company has also added an eVault for electronic lodging device control.

On the telematics front, the new Cascadia accompanies Detroit Connect and Detroit Assurance 4.0 to offer the up gradation of fleet management and additionally an increase in uptime and enhanced security.

Freightliners total 2018 Class 8 lineup includes Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution models, and in addition the SD professional truck.

All Class 8 models support the latest Detroit DD13, DD15 or Cummins motor customization.

Freightliner has really made an impressive truck. The truck has gained the attention of the entire US trucking industry. After the successful launching of Tesla semi just a few days ago, Freightliner Cascadia seems like another foundation stone to uplift the trucking industry.

Gary Plant; a Walmart trucker is named National Driver of the year this week. Gary Plant who drives for Walmart is awarded a national award and named the National Driver of the year earlier this week. Working for Walmart, this Walmart trucker has successfully managed to drive safely; without any violations and involvement in accidents of any kind for 27 years.

Plant has been working as a truck driver for 41 years now and has worked for four different companies in his entire career before joining Walmart transportation 27 years ago. Gary Plant is a Walmart trucker for the last 27 years. In his time as a Walmart Trucker, Gary has competed and won different awards and competitions at different levels.

Gary drives a 5-axle Sleeper berth tractor trailer and drives an average 125,000 miles a year. Plant has already won 11 state-level titles in driving along with two-second place trophies at National Truck Driving Championships.

ATA also handed out several other awards as well including the ATA presidents award for the best company in the trucking industry.

Dennis Shinault (Director of Loss Prevention and Safety Services; Baldwin and Lyons) talked to media after the ceremony. He thinks that the US trucking industry is going through a very bright time. Trucking industry can be more successful in the near future because of the dedication and commitment of ATA. The latest amendments to the trucking policy are bringing in a few changes in the entire trucking industry.

This award is a lifetime achievement of the Walmart trucker who has worked flawlessly for 41 years. The ATAs National award pays tribute to the magnificent and exceptional career-long safe driving. ATA chose Plant from a pool of different drivers. There were some other brilliant candidates as well for the award as well but Gary was the most deserving according to ATA representatives.

Walmart trucker seemed to enjoy the ceremony a lot. While talking to media; Gary said that his ultimate goal was to serve his job with patience and dedication. The award is indeed an achievement of a lifetime career that went through every stage of his life flawlessly.

Yet again, Elon Musk hosted a ravishing event and launched the most awaited vehicle of the 21stcentury. Yes, Teslas first ever electric truck; Tesla Semi is launched and that too with ravishing style. Tesla has launched the first self-driving electric truck to the public. Elon Musk hosted the event in the headquarters of the company where hundreds of Tesla fans gathered for the event.

Tesla Semi is better than it was expected to be. On the launching event, Elon musk described that Tesla Semi can run up to 500 miles on a single battery, the range almost double than what Uber and Waymo are expecting. Teslas extraordinary technology is smart enough to drive the truck to longer range.

Tesla Semi is made from carbon fiber. The outside is all smooth lines. Optimal design is a genuine major ordeal with regards to mileage and making the most of each electron, and Tesla guarantees the Semi will slice through the breeze more proficiently than a few sports cars.

Peer inside the body of the Semi, and you will be a fan of it on the first look. Manufacturers have placed the drivers seat in the middle of the cabin. Tesla made the nose of the taxicab a vertical piece. Furthermore, the front end is so far forward, you can see the ground just before the vehicle.

The Body of the truck is almost around 66 tall, so most anyone can stand up inside. The emergency exit door extends from the base to the highest point of the cabin, making access simpler. The driver gets two 15-inch touchscreens, one on either side. One to deal with route and navigation; another one for electronic logging and blindside checking.

Tesla focused on the security as well. The battery is fortified to shield it from detonating or bursting into flames. The strengthened windshield glass cannot chip or break, and locally available sensors will search for the indications of jackknifing and modify energy to the individual wheels to continue everything in line.

Also, obviously, the truck gets the Enhanced Autopilot that let it drive itself on the highways, maintaining the proper lane while keeping a safe distance from the next vehicle. This is obviously possible because of the radar technology and cameras on all the four sides of the truck. Tesla Semi is insanely beautiful and comfortable to drive.

Elon Musk dreams big and once again he achieved his greatest dream. Tesla Semi is out. Fueled by a monstrous battery and equipped for pulling 80,000 pounds, it can drift 500 miles between charges. Tesla Semi is able to drive itself; at least on highways if not in streets.

Each truck shares a significant amount of CO2 emissions hence damaging the climate of this planet. Musk has done the calculations. Tesla Semi has got the attention of the entire trucking industry because of the power and performance this vehicle offers. A lot of other companies are trying to build the electric vehicles but none is even close to this monster.

The battery consumes a room around three feet high and extends from the front wheels to the second match. Tesla hasnt revealed the size of the battery, but it is powerful enough to tow 8000 pounds and provide a 500 Miles drive. Tesla has placed four electric engines at the rare end of the truck. Engines of Tesla Semi are similar to the kind that powered the Model 3, two committed to every hub.

The electric engines give the Semi 1,032 HP (horsepower) with quite a similar torque. The power of this truck is twice than what you get in most diesel trucks of this size. Tesla hasnt revealed the Torque of this truck, but Semi is surely a beast. Electric motors are masters when it comes to stopping and accelerating.

Tesla Semi can prove vital in removing problems and introducing a long-term solution for ever increasing problems of the transport industry. Tesla has promised that the production will start in 2019, till then; it is only expected to be improved

Elon Musk decided to launch the first ever electric truck on 16th November. Tesla revealed their first ever electric truck to public earlier this year but didnt launch it. The company planned to launch the truck to the public in October but delayed the launching event.

Elon Musk told his Twitter followers that he had other priorities in mind. As the stage is set now, Tesla should launch the truck today.

There are still a lot of rumors spreading about the launch of Tesla Semi. This, however, seems the best opportunity for Tesla. Waymo and Uber are trying to manufacture a similar vehicle. If anyone of the two competitors succeeds in doing so, Tesla will have to leave the crown.

The competition in automobile market is increasing day by day. Latest innovation and technology is used in vehicles. Tesla successfully built the first ever electric lorry at the start of this year. Tesla shouldnt del
ay the launch any further as the competition is increasing. Representatives of trucking industry have appreciated Tesla Semi as it seems like the best solution to problems and challenges of the transport industry.   Tesla should look forward to the opportunity and launch the most awaited vehicle of 2017. As rumors and news are getting hotter, Tesla may launch the first ever electric truck today.

Because of the constant decrease in the availability of oil, the challenges of transport industry are increasing. Tesla Semi seems the best opportunity to replace oil dependency as well as stabilizing the transport sector.

Tesla Semi runs on electric battery. This truck is the first ever self-driving truck. Tesla Semi uses the concepts of AI (Artificial Intelligence). The overall performance of the truck is yet to be tested. However, Tesla Semi can be the limelight to minimize oil from industry.

Tesla Semi can be the building stone for mitigating the transportation problems. Semi is currently the best way to switch to alternate sources of energy. Launching of Semi can minimize the problem of oil dependency from transport industry.

The entire transport industry of America and Europe is waiting for this event. There is a lot of hype regarding the event. The whole trucking industry seems excited about the launch of Tesla Semi. Today is the big day. Tesla decided to launch their first ever electric truck today. Fingers crossed for the event.

Earlier this year, US parliament passed a bill in regards to the trucking industry. If the parliament succeeds in implementing this bill; it will revolutionize the entire trucking industry. The trucking industry is focusing the latest news. The recently presented bill has imposed new challenges for the truck drivers.

As indicated by the latest truck news, truck drivers need to shift to electronic devices. The ELD regulation will be in actuality for the following month. Truck drivers need to introduce ELD (Electronic Logging Device) to their trucks. Truck drivers need to shift to an electronic logbook. ELD installation will shift the HOS checking and managing to electronic means.

Trucking industry anticipates that this change can kick out smaller carriers from the business. This can likewise prompt higher cargo rate with less and bigger transporters. The administration trusts that this progress can help the truck drivers and the trucking industry by actualizing better methods.

The parliament has proposed some other tenets as well that can have a huge in the trucking industry. With the execution of these directions, the whole trucking industry can change.

The progressions will be in effect from December this year. This appears as a chance to enhance the trucking industry and lessen the issues drivers confront each day.

According to the sources, the bill contains five clauses. These regulations can greatly affect the trucking business.

By December sixteenth of the current year, each truck driver needs to introduce the electronic logging device in their trucks. Vehicles manufactured before 2000 are exempted from the condition of ELD. In any case, drivers who drive vehicles produced after the year 2000 should introduce ELD.

The government presented a special amendment to the bill in July 2013. Furthermore, the parliament lifted the HOS regulation in 2014. However, in the latest conference, legislation has reinitiated the 34-hours service regulation of HOS. The truck drivers need to give 34 hours of service for each week with two extends permitted between 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM. The report is still under departmental survey. The trucking industry, nonetheless, believes that changes will be in effect from 16th December 2017.

The Unified Registration System will be reinitiated supplanting the old FMCSA registration framework. As indicated by the URS enlistment framework, cargo transporters, merchants and truck drivers will be distinguished by a DOT number. DOT number will supplant MC, FF or MX numbers. In spite of the fact that URS was intended to be completely practical by January this year, the government has delayed the implementation. However, before the current year overs, companies will implement the URS system of registration. The trucking companies will also implement some other changes along with the implementation of URS.

By next year, the government will introduce the speed limiters on vehicles weighing more than 26,000 lbs. An open remark session occurred not long ago. Results demonstrated that trucks and vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 lbs will introduce a speed limiter. The authorities havent chosen the maximum speed limit as of yet. However, some truck drivers are supporting the maximum speed of 65 MPH.

According to the current regulation, Drivers that make $23,600 cannot make extra time. However, In the most recent decision that is to yet to be actualized, the limit is raised to $47,476 per year. Companies pay most drivers on per mile premise. Some drivers get their pay on a month to month premise. Representatives will provide an additional 10% to these drivers.

The execution of this truck news can assist the trucking industry with much faster growth. The administration is certain that these progressions will acquire advancement in the industry and will be useful for truck drivers.

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